Raise capital directly from investors across the planet

Cities globally are facing environmental, economic, and social risks that require over $90 trillion in capital investment to properly mitigate by 2040. The existing municipal securities market lacks the responsiveness and innovation needed to help cities fully address their community investment needs. Munivestor’s Muniverse is a municipal securities auction platform that eliminates the barriers to capital imposed by the existing municipal financial system. The Muniverse puts issuers in the driver seat of the fundraising process by enabling issuers to conduct self-directed muni security auctions.

Benefits of joining the Muniverse include: 

    • Digitization of the municipal securities issuance process
    • Significant reduction in underwriting fees
    • Expanded investor network and access
    • Ability to innovate muni security structures 
    • Development of Web3 principles and policies
    • Access to a team of municipal innovators 

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